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An app that turns your soccer fantasies into reality

FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta is a sports game developed by EA Games that allows users to transform their soccer dreams into a virtual reality. Using advanced game physics, the game provides a variety of challenging matches and competitive tournaments to turn ordinary users into experienced soccer players.

Soccer enthusiasts and gamers alike can use the FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta to easily create and manage their own soccer team, compete in matches, and share their triumphs with friends. With a variety of game modes to choose from, this game aims to bring out the inner soccer star in anyone.

Achieve digital success

The FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta turns soccer enthusiasts into skilled players using responsive and sensitive controls. It leverages advanced game physics to quickly generate realistic match scenarios for an easy way to learn and improve soccer skills. There are a multitude of ways users can choose to play their matches, such as Real Time PVP, 11 vs. 11 team matches, VS Attack mode, and more.

The app also provides various courses to learn moves and techniques, and to familiarize oneself with the controls, movements, and overall feel of the game. With so many styles and matches to pick from, it gives users an easy way to express their passion for soccer and share exciting, heart-pounding games on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Although the app offers an extensive collection of game modes to transform users into digital soccer stars, the large number of options could potentially overwhelm and confuse them. First-time users may find it difficult to settle on a particular mode. The app’s addition of a 'tutorial mode', however, could help novice users by guiding them through the basic controls and techniques.

Competitive matches in a snap

FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta is an innovative sports app that uses advanced game physics to transform ordinary users into skilled soccer players. It also provides an easy way for users to express their passion for soccer and share exciting matches on social media. Though the app offers many options that could potentially overwhelm some novice users, implementing a 'tutorial mode' could help make the app more beginner-friendly.


  • Transforms users into skilled soccer players
  • Challenging matches and competitive tournaments
  • Create and manage own soccer team


  • Game modes are overwhelming

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User reviews about FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta

  • Vivian Muchimba

    by Vivian Muchimba

    I gave it 1 star rating because it shows servers are in maintenance when ever I enter into that apk


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