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Soccer fans have another reason to rejoice with EA Games’ newest addition to its list of FIFA games. FIFA Soccer Gameplay Beta gives you the chance to enjoy a more exciting gameplay with its improved graphics and competitive soccer matches. 

Dominating the soccer fields

There is more than one way for you to enjoy this game to the fullest so be prepared to try out all the soccer matches you can participate in. FIFA Soccer offers various game modes that will let you enjoy different kinds of gameplay, all of which just as exciting as the other. To begin with, those who are first-time players can start off with completing courses where they can learn moves and techniques. They can also familiarize themselves with the controls, movements, and overall feel of the game. We would say that completing courses is a very good way to prepare for the soccer tournaments in other game modes and therefore, is recommended to try first before moving on, Now, you might think that playing the courses are boring. We have to say otherwise. The courses may not be as intense as the actual matches but they still are challenging enough to keep you focused and entertained. Learning new tricks is fun especially when you get to perfect them after so many tries. One of the moves you will learn in the courses is knowing how to defend your goal and stealing the ball back from the opposing team. This is very important and you will definitely find this to be helpful once you enter the FIFA playing field. This game mode basically a tutorial for beginners, but your performance is timed and measured by points so there is no reason for you to bypass this part of the game. Oh, before we forget, completing courses will also unlock FIFA players! So do not skip, okay?

Once you complete all the courses and have assembled a strong team of your own, you are now ready to enter tournaments. See if you are skillful enough to win the championship with the other game modes where you will be battling against other real-life FIFA Soccer players. You can try the Real Time PVP game mode if you are up to playing a one-on-one match with another player. If you would rather play with a team and are aiming to make your own players stronger and increase their overall rating (OVR), there is an 11 vs. 11 team match available. Another team play you can try is the VS Attack mode where your team will battle against another player’s team. Lastly, the Live Events is a game mode where you can complete daily challenges to unlock more players or win freebies. Needless to say, all that you have learned in the tutorial mode of the game will inevitably be tried and tested in these different matches and tournaments.

Everything plays out nicely

Without its impressive graphics, clear visuals, and responsive controls, FIFA Soccer Gameplay will not be as enjoyable as it is. Thankfully, it is able to deliver a very exciting and thrilling gameplay thanks to these wonderfully made elements. The realistic game physics and character designs also make the game engaging. 


  • Realistic game physics
  • Responsive and sensitive controls
  • Impressive graphics
  • Challenging game modes


  • Few courses available on tutorial mode
  • No multiplayer mode
  • Repetitive soundtrack
  • Only supports 3rd person point-of-view

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